New Colors from Argentina

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 Carlos Dorado: Guitar & Percussion

Lucas Dorado: Vibraphone & Percussion



This is the first CD production of Duo Dorado, father and son: an intimate encounter between jazz and the tradition of a country that sings his nostalgia with joy. The first stop on a new, yet unknown way, free to explore and experiment…




 ..."One integral quality that Carlos and Lucas share is an appreciation for the space between the notes: These musicians eschew grandstanding in service of a hypnotic melody".

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Hört man sich intensiv den Song „De Varese a Cabo Corrientes“ an und schließt dabei die Augen, so kann man sich einen Flug im Flugdrachen über die argentinische Pampa vorstellen, während sich die Wolken langsam über den Himmel schieben. 

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